Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gerald the Cyclops

I finished putting together the "Creature Company Catalogue" book, but I still kept painting monsters. Why? The reason is two-fold: one, I like monsters, and two, the project began to evolve.

I had sent copies of the book off to several publishers, without any luck. I received encouraging responses, saying that the book was clever and fun, but that they didn't publish that type of book. So I decided to explore the possibility of an online game and environment. From this exploration Spookeasy was born.

The Spookeasy is a nightclub hosted by the Magician, Gerald. Who also happens to be a cyclops. Why did I name him Gerald? It seemed to fit at the time, and at that time it was good enough.

This dapper fellow began as a pencil sketch, which was finished in Photoshop. He is © Chris Chuckry.

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