Monday, July 25, 2011

Poor guy lost most of himself in a horrible accident. He was saved by the medical team's heroic effort and a custom made containment suit. No danger of losing anymore parts now--though he has lost his heart and spirit after his fiancée broke off their engagement. Staring wide-eyed into the future, he lives mainly in the past, and the fading, golden glow of better days.

No idea how this guy came about. Must have been a coalescing of invisible man/martians, or something else swirling about my head. At any rate, he is © Chris Chuckry.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Werewolf in disguise

We all knew someone like this in school--someone who seemed just a little different. Like they were hiding something. An uncomfortable secret? A body rash? We were never sure. However, when we revisit our yearbook photos, all the unsettling questions come flooding back.

This guy is a werewolf--really, he is. He may have been your shops teacher, but he's just a werewolf gone all respectable. Less wild and a little tamer than he was in his youth, some think he's kind of square, but he's got the nature of a beast--somewhere.

This guy is part of a series, and he is © Chris Chuckry

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Madame Obscura

When I started developing this project as a website, I began to create concept art and, in some cases, production art. I did this piece seven years ago, for the "Madame Obscura" fortune teller game. The final screen was to have various roll-over surprises and some simple animation. If a visitor clicks on the the crystal ball, a silly fortune would appear along with a suitably goofy graphic.

Going through my archives for this blog is seriously inspiring me to touch up this and other pieces--even though I had so much fun doing them the first time around. If I can find the time, I'd like to add the roll overs and animation to this piece that I had originally envisioned. As a bonus to this post, I've included Madame Obscura's alter ego.

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Madame Obscura and art is © Chris Chuckry

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Poor old Quasimodo! He's still in love with Esméralda, even though he's reduced to buying cheap merchandising to feel closer to her--don't let a good story get in the way of family friendly merchandising!

This guy fits the format of the other Creature Company Catalogue illustrations. He's not in the original version of the book as I've yet to write his accompanying verse. He did appear in my first solo art show, "Heavenly Monsters," at the Heaven Art and Book Café, back in 1998.

Like the others, he began as a pencil sketch and was finished in Photoshop. He is © Chris Chuckry.

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