Monday, June 13, 2011

The End

"Now that you've come
to the end of our book,
I implore you to take 
a much closer look.

At the monsters presented
for sale on these pages,
before choosing to part 
with hard earned wages.

For you may discover
that there's nothing worse
than finding your monster
is more blessing, than curse.

And the joke you may wish
to play on a friend,
with your monster,
may come to a curious end."

So, that's it for the original book. The back cover sports a delivery truck, on it's way with someone's order. A delivery that may not arrive at it's intended destination, by the looks of it. I've still got a lot to post on this blog. I continued to create monsters and concept art for potential video games, books and online communities, based around the Spookeasy concept. So, although this post is titled "The End," the real end is some ways off in the distance. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
Art and words are © Chris Chuckry

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