Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bone Daddy Horseman

"This charming bone daddy
in clothes somewhat ratty,
is definitely not for the meek.

His looks are quite chilling
and he's perfectly willing
to scare every day of the week.

If he pays you a visit,
don't shout out 'Who is it?'
especially if you're all alone.

Keep very quiet,
to stay off his diet
for he's always in need of more bone!"

This pale horseman seemed like the perfect ending for the catalogue. The movie is over, and he's got his riding boots on. He's got places to go, and people to see. First, he might want to get that scythe cleaned up. After all, first impressions do count! 

Like the others before him, this guy began as a pencil sketch, and was then finished in Photoshop. Going over these illustrations now makes me want to go in an repaint parts of them and do some touch ups. Think I might just do that when I have a spare moment. 

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Words and picture are © Chris Chuckry

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