Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sea Creature

"Out of the deep
this monster will creep,
if he's the one you desire.

Cold, slimy and wet,
he will cause you regret
if your devious plans should back-fire.

This menacing fish
won't end up on a dish, 
and will see every task to completion.

But try to stay sharp,
for this monster's no carp,
and watch out for his mucous secretion."

This playful fellow can be yours for the low, low price of a five gallon pail of Nine Frog Soup! Like many of the first batch of monsters, I created this guy in 1997, or so. He began as a pencil sketch and was then painted up in Photoshop. 

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Words and pictures are © Chris Chuckry

Thursday, May 26, 2011


"Made with black arts
and spare body parts, 
this monster is quite a steal.

Some things you should know--
he is mighty, but slow
and his odour may cause to reel.

Just give him a jolt
on his rusty neck bolt,
in order to bring him to life.

Then on your demand,
he will follow command,
causing mischief, mayhem and strife!"

No monster catalog would be complete without some kind of man-made monster. This gentle giant came to "life," in 1998. Like the other, he started as a pencil sketch that was painted up in Photoshop. 

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Art and text © Chris Chuckry

Saturday, May 21, 2011


"Not one to perspire
in high heat or fire,
he has a quite obvious talent
for spinning a curse,
turning bad into worse,
quite frankly, you'll find him repellent.

But if you're in need
of some nasty misdeed,
don't hesitate one moment longer. 
With each passing week,
you will find that his reek,
becomes nauseatingly stronger."

Kiss the cook indeed! Sausages aren't the only things roasting where this toothy fellow is from. Sometimes I wonder is he is too scary but, he's received good reviews from the kids who have seen him. So, maybe my concern is unnecessary. This guy came around in late 1997, I believe. 

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© Chris Chuckry

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"When a bump in the night,
gives you a fright,
and you feel something cold in the air.

When unexplained clattering
sets your teeth chattering,
better hope that it's just a nightmare.

If you need a specter
as a phantom protector,
if you search for the disembodied

Then order our ghost,
it will do it's utmost,
to leave you pale-white and weak-kneed."

This ghost can be yours for the low, low price of one head of Groaning Cheese, (yes there is such a thing!). I remember having a lot of fun painting this ghost, or maybe it was the graveyard? I thought it was kind of spooky, but hopefully not too unsettling for the kids. 

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© Chris Chuckry

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Ancient and wise,
he's the best of our buys
coming all the way from the Far East.

His great social skill,
will give you a thrill,
as he dines on a twelve person feast.

If he comes after you,
with his fangs or Kung Fu,
there's really no place you can hide.

If you remain still,
you can bet that he will
eat you up with the whole countryside."

The next monster in the catalogue is a Dragon. Striking fear into the hearts of many, while sporting purple pajamas. Seems he is a wingless variety of dragon, unless his wings are cleverly concealed beneath his stylish ensemble. At any rate, he's sure to make short work of that charming little house.

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© Chris Chuckry

Sunday, May 8, 2011


"Hey diddle, diddle,
he's fit as a fiddle.
See him tap dance 'round the room.

Hear your friends scream,
as they see his teeth gleam,
by the light of the silvery moon.

This Vampire Dandy
will come in quite handy
at the end of your rope, or your wit.

But treat him with care.
Don't leave your neck bare,
or you might be the one who gets bit!"

Just like the Vampire, this blog is coming back to life. This charming fellow was created back in 1996. Once again, the illustration started as a pencil sketch that was finished in Photoshop.

The verse took a little more time to write, but was just as much fun to compose as the illustration was to paint. I don't often take time to write, these days, but I should. I seem to recall that I enjoyed writing.

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The illustration and verse is © Christopher Chuckry.