Sunday, May 8, 2011


"Hey diddle, diddle,
he's fit as a fiddle.
See him tap dance 'round the room.

Hear your friends scream,
as they see his teeth gleam,
by the light of the silvery moon.

This Vampire Dandy
will come in quite handy
at the end of your rope, or your wit.

But treat him with care.
Don't leave your neck bare,
or you might be the one who gets bit!"

Just like the Vampire, this blog is coming back to life. This charming fellow was created back in 1996. Once again, the illustration started as a pencil sketch that was finished in Photoshop.

The verse took a little more time to write, but was just as much fun to compose as the illustration was to paint. I don't often take time to write, these days, but I should. I seem to recall that I enjoyed writing.

Thanks for stopping by!

The illustration and verse is © Christopher Chuckry.

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