Monday, October 12, 2009


"This fine furry fellow
is not very mellow,
just check out his wide, toothy grin.

If he knocks on your door,
with a whimper or roar, 
be smart and don't let him in.

He's lacking in charm
and spreading alarm,
across the whole countryside.

So, beneath the full moon,
don't be a buffoon,
RUN! DUCK! Take cover, and hide!"

Here is the painted version of the first monster I did for this project. This werewolf kicked it all off. I did a very rough, small pencil drawing of him, then scanned him in and painted him up in Photoshop.

Up until then, I had mainly painted comic characters, but this guy was a new kind of fun. I quickly started drawing other monsters. The door was open, and I didn't want to close it.

This guy is © Chris Chuckry

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